There is a laundry room located to the left of the communal patio area which can be accessed by two steps (step 1 is 22cm high and leads onto an area of natural stone tiles 57cm deep by 140cm wide. Step 2 is 20cm high and takes you onto the pavement area). The laundry room can also be accessed by following the car park round to the right (no steps present). There are two washing machines 59cm wide x 86cm high. The tumble dryer is also 59cm high and 86cm high.

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Treatment rooms
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Leisure Facilities
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Outdoor facilities
Exiting from the patio doors in the open plan living area is a patio. The double doors measure 114cm wide (in total) x 196cm high. The keyhole is 112cm high. The step is 22cm high. You step onto the patio area which is made of natural stone tiles. There is a wall 33cm high that surrounds two sides of the area. The open end meets the front door and allows access to the car parking area.