Outdoor Facilities
There is a communal patio area outside the front door consisting of natural stone tiles.

Conference and Meeting Rooms, Banqueting, Clubs and Entertainment
Not applicable

Door 76cm wide x 196cm high with hinge on the left. Wooden effect flooring. There are two single beds with head boards. All bedding is Polycotton with non feather pillows and duvets. Both beds are against a wall with a 110cm gap between them. The main light has a switch by the door. There is a wall lamp above each bed with the switch on the wall in between the beds.

This is accessed through the kitchen and to the left. Door 76cm wide x 196cm high with the hinge to the right. There is a bolt to lock the door. The toilet seat is 40cm high. The space to the right is 37cm and to the left 104cm. Sink height is 84cm. Bath height is 52cm, 68cm wide x 168cm long. The shower is mounted on the bath taps and can be raised onto hook over bath. Wall mounted heated towel rail. Ceramic tiles on the floor.

Self catering Kitchen
The kitchen is to the left of the front door. The fire extinguisher is on a post 128cm high and the fire blanket is on the wall at 158cm high. The boiler is situated under the units in the far left hand corner. The work surface is 91cm high and 60cm deep. The sink is 91cm high. The electric hob is 91cm high with an extractor fan above. A microwave is also available. Catering standard crockery is provided in the cupboards above and beneath the work surfaces. Glasses and ups etc are in the wall cupboards. The electric oven is accessed from the front with the door 74cm high. The fridge is under the work surface with the highest shelf at 69cm. Dishwasher under the units.The kitchen is lit by four spotlights. The flooring is wooden effect.