Accessed along corridor, turn left and is on the right.
Door 76cm wide x 196cm high with the hinge to the left. There is a chain to lock the door.
The toilet seat is 40cm high. The space to the right is 60cm and to the left 16cm.
Sink height is 80cm.
Ceramic tiles on the floor.

Self-Catering Kitchen
The kitchen is accessed by the staircase and is on the left. The fire extinguisher and blanket are located 33cm above the kitchen units.
The work surface is 91cm high and 60cm deep. The sink is 91cm high. The electric hob is 83cm high with an extractor fan above. A microwave is also available.
Catering standard crockery is provided in the cupboards beneath the work surfaces. Glasses and cups etc are also in cupboards beneath the work surface.
The electric oven is accessed from the front with the main oven door 87cm high. The fridge/freezer is free standing and is to the left of the units. The 3* freezer is at the bottom with the fridge door being 77cm high.
Dishwasher under the units.
There is a round table (91cm diameter) with four chairs.
The kitchen is lit by four spotlights. The flooring is lino tiled effect.